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Eco-friendly Wooden Spoon For Eating

Eco-friendly Wooden Spoon For Eating

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Product Information:
Material: Wood
pattern: plain
Polishing process: water polishing (machine polishing)
Product Category: Spoon
Color: 13*3cm without paint, 15*3cm without paint, 15.5*3.7cm without paint, 17.5*4cm without paint, 13*3cm varnish, 15*3cm varnish, 15.5*3.7cm varnish, 17.5*4cm varnish, 13* 3cm round head without lacquer, 13*3cm round head with clear lacquer, 17.5*4cm round head without lacquer, 17.5*4cm round head with clear lacquer

Packing List:
Wooden spoon x1

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